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  • Products Assortment We carry end mills in all types and sizes and can supply specifications upon your request.
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  • TURNING NEW  R/L-RS Chip Breaker

    TURNING NEW R/L-RS Chip Breaker

    Complete turning solution to increase productivity at a wide range of cutting speed, feed and depth of cut. MGU515 MGU540 * Increased productivity with stable chip control in various machining *...

  • Tools Holder

    Tools Holder

    MEGACUT produce Turning Tool Holders, Threading and Grooving Tool Holders, U-Drills, Milling Tool Holders and Precision Tool Holders ( OEM Tool Holders ).



    MEGACUT boasts a thirty years experience in manufacturing of solid carbide tooling ( Insert , end mills, drills, reamers) in different dimensions, standard and special drawings. Our regulars and non-stop...