• TURNING NEW R/L-RS Chip Breaker

  • Complete turning solution to increase productivity at a wide range of cutting speed, feed and depth of cut. MGU515 MGU540 * Increased productivity with stable chip control in various machining * Reduced cutting force brings stable tool life at high speed and high feed - The surface of forged steel that is commonly used for automobile parts is harder and tougher while the inside is soft. Bearing steel also has those characteristics of high toughness and hardness. Machining these kinds of steel repeatedly causes built-up edge on cutting edges and chipping off the edge, which is one of the main reasons of falling productivity and causing unstable tool life. Mass production of automobile parts requires faster cutting speed and higher feed along with much longer tool life than before.
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  • P3200  Copy milling for medium & finishing

    P3200 Copy milling for medium & finishing

    New MGR90 A tough grade with exceptional stability SIZE ( mm ) : D8 , D10 , D12 , D16 , D20 , D25 , D32 . BCEG Series General-purpose positive BCEG-class chipbreaker



    New substrate plus proven PVD coating technology increases performance in rough milling titanium and stainless steels. Excellent toughness and better wear resistance leads to higher effi ciency in these...

  • Milling High Speed LNMX0303EZZ

    Milling High Speed LNMX0303EZZ

    .High speed & high feed .Shallow depth .Semi-Finishing to Medium .Continuous machining



    The broaching and slotting inserts are made with sintered steel alloy with 13% cobalt. After heat treatment, this material reaches a hardness of 72 HRC all the while preserving high toughness and, therefore,...

  • Thread Turning Inserts Trapez - DIN 103 Vertical

    Thread Turning Inserts Trapez - DIN 103 Vertical

    Trapez Pitch 7 To 12 TNMC 66NV 3ACME TNMC 66EV 3ACME TNMC 66NV 2ACME TNMC 66EV 2ACME TNMC 66NV 7.0TR TNMC 66EV 7.0TR TNMC 66NV 8.0TR TNMC 66EV 8.0TR TNMC 66NV 9.0TR TNMC 66EV 9.0TR TNMC...

  • M600 High Performance Solid Endmills

    M600 High Performance Solid Endmills

    High performance machining for Alloy steel & Stainless steel. High Hardened, High Precision. Well edge treatment to improve tool life. For general cutting in hardened steel HRC 40 ~ 60

  • Tools Holder

    Tools Holder

    MEGACUT produce Turning Tool Holders, Threading and Grooving Tool Holders, U-Drills, Milling Tool Holders and Precision Tool Holders ( OEM Tool Holders ).

  • Endmill Carbide

    Endmill Carbide

    Products Assortment We carry end mills in all types and sizes and can supply specifications upon your request.



    MEGACUT boasts a thirty years experience in manufacturing of solid carbide tooling ( Insert , end mills, drills, reamers) in different dimensions, standard and special drawings. Our regulars and non-stop...